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Marshmallow Caketini


60ml Marshmallow cider 
60ml vodka 
60ml cherryade 
1 or 2 cocktail cherries 
Coloured sprinkles

In the recipe

Brothers Marshmallow Cider

Marshmallow Cider


Impress your nearest & dearest or simply indulge yourself one evening by mixing this deliciously fun party cocktail. A combination of Brothers Marshmallow cider, vodka and cherryade, garnished with sprinkles and cherries, oh so simple. Enjoy!


• Carefully wipe the edge of the Martini glass with a cherry.
• Dip glass into sprinkles.
• Pour vodka, Marshmallow cider and cherryade into a mixing glass and stir.
• Pour content into Martini glass.
• Garnish with a cherry or two.


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