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Pint of beer with cider apple on a table

May 20, 2021

What’s The Difference Between Cider And Beer?

It is no surprise to learn that cider and beer are the two most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. While beer is consumed more than cider and may be oldest of the two drinks...
A selection of cider in glasses

May 5, 2021

What Does Cider Taste Like?

From dry and hazy farmhouse style cider, complete with the cloudiness of the apple, to light and refreshing sparkling cider in a mix of curious flavour combinations, there is no...
Brothers Alcohol Free Toffee Apple fruit cider

May 5, 2021

Introducing Brand New Alcohol Free Toffee Apple Cider

Brothers are proud to announce the launch of our new Toffee Apple Alcohol Free cider. Our taste testers loved the fruity aroma and the great taste of classic toffee apples that ...
Summer garden party and BBQ with friends

May 1, 2021

Summer Garden Party Ideas

With the arrival of warmer weather, what could be better than to throw a garden party! Having relaxed, informal summer parties in your garden will give you a chance to catch up ...
Line up of Apple Varieties

Mar 1, 2021

Five Facts About English Cider

Cider is a very popular traditional drink made from fermented apple juice. But there are many interesting facts about the drink that most cider-fans may not know. For example, c...
Apples on tree in orchard - Vegan

Jan 30, 2021

Is Cider Vegan?

Is cider vegan? This is one of the most common cider-related questions typed into Google and is also a popular question that our customer service team at Brothers are asked very...
Is Cider Gluten Free?

Jan 25, 2021

Is Cider Gluten Free?

In most cases, cider is usually naturally gluten free because it is made from apples rather than gluten-containing grains that go into making beer and lager.  Drinking gluten fr...
Brothers Wild Fruit and Strawberry & Lime 330ml cans

Oct 9, 2020

New Fridge Packs - out now!

Say hello to Brothers handy new fridge packs! Our latest Wild Fruit cider and Strawberry & Lime cider cans are available in convenient 10x330ml fridge packs.  Out now in sel...
The Glastonbury Festival Pyramid stage

Jun 19, 2020

The Greatest Ever Glastonbury Sets

Whilst we can’t bring you the real thing, we can help you celebrate Glastonbury Festival by bringing a little piece of it to you. We have created a playlist to celebrate the art...
Brothers 25th Anniversary Glasses

Jun 2, 2020

Brothers 25th Anniversary Glasses

25 years ago this month, we proudly launched Brothers Cider at the iconic and much loved Glastonbury Festival. To kick off birthday celebrations we have created a brand new Lim...
West Holts 2020 playlist

Apr 22, 2020

West Holts 2020 playlist

Glastonbury Festival organisers have updated their main stage playlists on Spotify with the acts that would have been playing at this years 50th anniversary. Included in the lis...
Brothers Marshmallow cider

Mar 31, 2020

It tastes Marshvellous!

Here at Brothers we are proud to announce a new addition to the family, Marshmallow Cider. Brothers Marshmallow Cider is a delicious unique blend of marshmallows and sweet vanil...

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