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Six best festival food dishes

We’re in the middle of one of the best summers on record, so what else can we Brits do other than get out into the festival fields, cider in hand, listen to some great music and eat some top festival food? Si Willis from @consumingcouple runs you through his picks for summer festival eats!

Vegan Burrito from Happy Maki

Paired with Brothers Strawberry & Kiwi Cider
You know when someone says they had ‘vegan food that didn’t taste like vegan food’? That’s the reaction when folks eat over at Happy Maki. Sublime flavours, cool food truck and Instagrammable dishes. Honestly, I’ve had food from them a couple of times and its always been spot on, freshly rolled and fresher tasting. Pair the sweet potato, roasted coconut and avocado burrito with the sweetness of Brothers Strawberry & Kiwi cider.

Vegan Burrito from Happy Maki
Credit @thehappymaki

Churros & Melted Chocolate from Churros Amigos

Paired with Brothers Rhubarb & Custard Cider
I don’t want to oversimplify this, but a churro is deep fried dough coated in sugar and dipped in melted Belgian chocolate. Usually a dessert, at a festival it is acceptable to eat at any time of the day for any reason; post legendary band, pre heavy session, during the battle out of a hangover. Pair this with a Brothers Rhubarb & Custard cider for that total sweet shop childhood nostalgia. This will be the king of pairings for those with a sweet tooth.

Churros & Melted Chocolate from Churros Amigos
Credit @churrosamigos

Moo Blue Pie from Pieminister

Paired with Brothers Apple Cider
A traditional festival food dish deserves a traditional cider. Smashing down a British steak and stilton pie topped with buttery mash & mushy peas, paired with a good ol’ Somerset cider = winning at festivals (and curing that hangover).

Moo Blue Pie from Pieminister
Credit @pieminister

Sakana Burger from Seadog

Paired with Brothers Wild Fruit Cider
OG’s in the festival and street food game, Beth and Jim have been dishing out world inspired seafood at some of the top events in the country for longer than some traders have even been in the kitchen. They’ve got three main menu items that could have easily made this list; the seafood laksa- coconut broth, noodles, smoked mackerel, the seaside popcorn-crispy fried mussels and cockles, but just just beating out these two is the Sakana burger- freshly battered white fish on a fresh roll with pickled slaw, Cornish seaweed and sweet soy. Pair this with Brothers Wild Fruit cider for the most flavourful feed in the festival fields!!

Sakana Burger from Seadog
Credit @seadogfoods

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Consuming Couple

Paired with Brothers Festival Pear Cider
We don’t only talk about good eats, we try and make them too! Myself and my partner Lauren have been running Lola’s Wings for the past four years trading at some big events like the NFL London, Grillstock and Parklife as well as our smaller festival favourites like Fieldview Festival. Our Buffalo wings are always a favourite but you’ve got to try our new festival special fried chicken burger and…. go on, pair that crunchy juicy buttermilk chicken thigh with a Festival strength Pear!

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Consuming Couple
Credit @consumingcouple

Thanks for reading! Want to know more? You can find out about more of our food adventures over at @consumingcouple on Instagram.


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