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Brothers Cider Is Vegan Society Accredited

January, or Veganuary, as it is typically now regarded as, is a hot time of year for brands to shout about being vegan-friendly and, to be fair, it is something we, at Brothers Cider are immensely proud of.

The Vegan Trademark

The Vegan Trademark was introduced over 30 years ago to make it easy for consumers to identify vegan-friendly products, and to be able to buy and consume them with confidence knowing that they have not been tested on animals or are made using animal-based ingredients.

To gain official accreditation from the Vegan Society and meet the Vegan Trademark standard, every ingredient and process used to make your product is highly scrutinised against very thorough criteria. 

Brothers Vegan Accredited CIder

At Brothers, we have grown a strong reputation for being trailblazers of fruit cider over the last 25 years, but our family history of cider-making goes back to 1658!

Brothers Cider

We’ve never played it safe, with 14 generations of family cider making experience based in Somerset, we are independent & British and are passionate about what we do. Our free-spirited essence is upheld by approaching things with a unique perspective – and this is represented by our new range of Vegan Society accredited fruit ciders, Brothers Cider is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Cheers to that!

Is Cider Vegan?

Is cider vegan? This is one of the most common cider-related questions typed into Google and is also a popular question that our customer service team at Brothers are asked very often. Find out more information regarding our vegan-friendly cider processes.

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