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Festival Fashion Trends

It’s the Summer which can only mean one thing… our Instagram feeds are full of Festival fashion! So we thought we’d give you the low down some of the seasons hottest trends.


The glitter looks that are popping up are absolutely stunning, from ultimate glitter eyes to bums and boobs, there are no sparkle limits! As well as being a makeup trend glitter is also being used as clothing by covering certain body parts. Great for us but not always good for the environment. That’s why it is important to consider where you purchase your glitter from. Check out the awesome glitter sets at Eco Glitter Fun for more information.

Festival Fashion - Glitter
Image courtesy of:


We aren’t talking about the hair style here, we are talking fringed clothing. This fashion style has been creeping in for the last few years and has been reintroduced with tassels. From dresses to boots the fringe has been put on everything and we love it.

Festival Fashion - Fringe
Image courtesy of: @chlodavie

Sheer clothing

Don’t feel brave enough to show off all the flesh this summer? Then sheer clothing is your best friend. Be as bold and brave with the colours as you like with sheer skirts coming in all sorts of colours and patterns.

Festival Fashion - Sheer Clothing
Image courtesy of: @radiantdreamer_sam

Punk rocker

Punk Rock chic is back for 2018, but with a new modern twist. Get your Doc Martens on and fill your festival wardrobe with leather, chokers, chains and skin-tight jeans. Don’t forget the heavy eyeliner and bold lips too!

Festival Fashion - Punk Rocker
Image courtesy of: @grimewearclothing


Sportswear is no longer just for the gym! Old school sporting brands have reappeared with a vengeance and it’s all about getting your hands on the newest pair of trainers ASAP.

Festival Fashion - Sportswear
Image courtesy of: @zachkennedy9279

Face veils

Veils were back on the catwalk at London Fashion Week this year. Traditionally worn by a bride on their wedding day a face veil is a different accessory to wear to a festival. To be honest we quite like the sound of hiding our hungover tired faces with a pretty bit of material!

Festival Fashion - Face Veils

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