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App-Sulutely Pear-Fect, Best Of The Zest, Berry Sub-Lime, Un-Berrylievable

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Our New Era!

You planted the seed; we delivered an orchard!

While our sweet, curious flavours defined us for many years, we've reinvented ourselves to meet your changing tastes. From natural goodness to reduced sugar and a sessionable 3.4% ABV, our new range is a bold, refreshing take on cider. It's not just change; it's an exciting, tasteful transformation inspired by you!

Brothers Cider - A New Era

Seriously Unserious

We wanted to be different, generate excitement for fruit cider and this is where we found our spirit for seriously unserious – serious cider for not so serious people.

So why now? You asked us for natural flavours, great taste, a drink you can order again and again without it being too sweet, and we’ve ticked all those boxes and more!

We’ve never played it safe, with 14 generations of family cider making experience based in Somerset, we are independent & British and are passionate about what we do. Our free-spirited essence is upheld by approaching things with a unique perspective – and this is represented by our new range. From introducing characters into our packaging to the amusing names of each flavour, we want to capture the essence of festival spirit with each sip.

Brothers New Era 500ml cans on ice

More Refreshing

Whilst using the same apples from our orchard, located just 6 miles from the mill, and maintaining our trusted quality processes, the taste of our new fruit ciders are better than ever. Packed with natural flavours our revamped range is now even juicier and more refreshing than ever before!

  • Best of The Zest

    Cider with natural orange and lemon flavours. When life gives you oranges and lemons; we make cider! Our citrus combination will awaken your senses and deliver a refreshing surprise in every sipPacked full of flavour to ensure that festival feeling in every sip!
  • Berry Sub-Lime

    Cider with natural lime and raspberry flavours. Get ready to be tickled by the tangy lime and charmed by the burst of raspberry refreshment in our cider. It’s a playful affair that’ll leave your taste buds giggling.
  • Un-Berrylievable

    Cider with natural raspberry and blackberry flavours. Slip into a world of Un-Berrylievable flavours, where crisp apples and juicy berries dance in a perfect cider harmony. A refreshing twist that’ll tickle your taste buds.
  • App-Solutely Pear-Fect

    Pear and apple cider - the best of both worlds. Apple and pear-fection; a refreshingly balanced cider that’s a sip of pure orchard goodness. With a nod to our original Glastonbury Pear cider launched back in 1995, at 7% ABV, this cider is not to be messed with.  

Pouring Brothers Cider over ice


Here at Brothers, we take our values and commitment to sustainability very seriously, but it’s something we haven’t really shouted about until now. We have zero to landfill, all our waste is segregated to optimise the opportunity of being recycled or reused. All new equipment is thoroughly assessed for impact on the environment with continuous improvements to our processes to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Lastly, all our left-over fruit pomace is turned into energy which helps to heat local swimming pools!

Read more about our sustainability efforts

Where Can I Buy The New Range?

Available at most major supermarkets including TescoMorrisons & Asda along with many nationwide convenience stores and other independent retailers. Our whole range is also available to buy direct from our website.

P.S. for all you lovers of our Classic Flavours, it’s still available to purchase from our website while stocks last.

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