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App-Sulutely Pear-Fect, Best Of The Zest, Berry Sub-Lime, Un-Berrylievable

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Discover 5 of Our Best Flavours

At Brothers Cider, we're renowned for crafting unique and refreshing cider flavours that cater to every palate. Our latest additions to the lineup – Berry Sub-Lime, App-Solutey Pear-Fect, Un-Berrylievable, Best of the Zest and Festival Apple – are no exception. Each one is meticulously crafted to deliver a burst of flavour that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Let's dive into what makes these ciders so special:

1: Best Of The Zest

Cider with natural orange and lemon flavours. Best of the Zest is a citrus lover's dream come true. This cider combines the zestiness of lemon with a hit of orange, creating a refreshing and invigorating taste experience. It's an excellent choice for sunny days or whenever you crave a burst of citrus goodness.

Shop Best Of The Zest

Best of the Zest

2: Berry Sub-Lime

Cider with natural lime and raspberry flavours. Berry Sub-Lime combines the zing of fresh limes with the sweet notes of raspberries. It's a harmonious blend that strikes the perfect balance between citrusy brightness and fruity richness. Ideal for those who enjoy a crisp and refreshing cider with a twist.

Shop Berry Sub-Lime

Berry Sub-Lime

3: Un-Berrylievable

Cider with natural raspberry and blackberry flavours. Un-Berrylievable is a celebration of berries in cider form. Bursting with the flavours of ripe blackberries and raspberries, this cider is vibrant and full-bodied. It's perfect for those who appreciate bold fruit flavours and a touch of natural sweetness.

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4: App-Solutely Pear-Fect

Pear and apple cider - the best of both worlds. Apple and pear-fection; a refreshingly balanced cider that’s a sip of pure orchard goodness. With a nod to our original Glastonbury Pear cider launched back in 1995, at 7% ABV, this cider is not to be messed with.  

Shop App-Solutely Pear-Fect

App-Solutely Pear-Fect

5: Festival Apple

Made by 4 brothers in Somerset. Festival Apple embodies the crisp, nostalgic taste of freshly picked apples from the orchard. It's a classic cider with a clean, refreshing flavour that brings to mind summer festivals and orchard gatherings. Perfect for cider enthusiasts who appreciate the pure, unadulterated taste of apples.

Shop Festival Apple

Festival Apple

Experience the Difference

Each of these new flavours exemplifies our commitment to quality and innovation in cider-making. Whether you're a longtime fan of Brothers Cider or discovering our drinks for the first time, these new additions are sure to impress. Grab a bottle of Berry Sub-Lime, App-Solutey Pear-Fect, Un-Berrylievable, Best of the Zest, or Festival Apple today and elevate your cider experience to new heights.

Discover more about our cider range and find your new favourite flavour at Brothers Cider. 

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