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Making Weird Wonderful

You know at Brothers we like to do things a bit differently. Unusual, quirky, odd, downright strange – we have heard them all! So, why not embrace this and ‘work with the weird’? On that note, we are excited to introduce you to our new campaign: ‘Making Weird Wonderful’.


At Brothers we pride ourselves on creating exciting fruit cider combinations and ‘thinking outside the bottle’ is what we do best. Our genius cider makers (if we do say so ourselves) won’t even consider a boring, low-key flavour, and the word ‘simple’ is not even in our vocabulary.

Traditional outlooks on cider don’t stop us, and we constantly find ways to push the boundaries of what you think is possible in a cider.


‘Making Weird Wonderful’ combines the true Brothers Cider spirit. We are imagination, innovation and unmistakable. We bring flavours to the table that make you question how it can possibly work, but trust us, it does! We create imaginative fruit cider for more curious minds.

Making Weird Wonderful - Brothers Toffee Apple Cider


We have been around for a long time, because we know how to have a good time, and we know how to make an exceptional cider that makes you think ‘WTF (fruit)?’. Plus our sense of humour is second to none!

Cherry Bakewell was a pleasure to bring to you this spring and is maybe one of our most ‘out of the bottle’ flavours so far. Perfectly balanced cherry with almond notes, the quintessentially British tart has now made its mark on the cider industry, even if you do need to do a double take first.

What the Fruit - Brothers Cherry Bakewell Cider

Thinking about all our flavours and ‘Making Weird Wonderful’ has made us thirsty, so please excuse us whilst we go and crack open a chilled bottle of our favourite Brothers. We recommend you join us – cheers!

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