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Your Guide to the Best Places to Camp at Glastonbury 2024

Glastonbury 2024 is just around the corner… But first things first, where are you going to camp for the weekend? Knowing where is best to camp for the weekend can make a world of difference to your Glasto experience. Here at Brothers Cider, we’ve been selling our locally-made ciders on site since 1995—we know more about Glastonbury’s best campsites than most!

We’re the Official Cider of Glastonbury Festival and we’re excited to see our favourite artists take on the Pyramid Stage. Each year it’s the main event in the Brothers Cider calendar. We know a festival isn’t a festival without a can of local cider, which is why we keep coming back.

We’re back with a bang in 2024, and so are our brand new seriously unserious flavours. App-Solutely Pear-Fect, Berry Sub-Lime and Best Of The Zest to name a few. Made in Somerset using natural flavours, we’re all about the good stuff.

With just a few months until Glastonbury Festival begins, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We’ve got beverages covered and there are plenty of delicious food stalls to pick from. Make sure to add our B-Bar to your itinerary (you’ll find us at The West Holts Stage). We’ll bring the cider if you bring the festival vibes!

The Best Places To Camp at Glastonbury: At A Glance

• Best for partygoers:

Pennards Hill, Big Ground, Row Mead, Park Home Ground, Woodsies, Oxylers, Lower Mead, Paines Ground

• Best for families:

Cockhill Meadow, Wicket Ground

• Best for campervans:

East Campervan Fields

• Best for views of the festival:

Row Mead, Lime Kiln Ground, Hitchin Hill Ground, Hawkwell, Michael’s Mead, South Park 2

• Best for accessibility:

Spring Ground

• Best for the Pyramid Stage:

Big Ground, Wicket Ground, Hawkwell, Kidney Mead, Michael’s Mead, Oxylers, Lower Mead

• Best for the Arcadia Stage:

Paines Ground

• Best for peace & quiet:

Lime Kiln Ground, Hitchin Hill Ground, Dairy Ground, South Park 1, Rivermead, Bailey’s, Back House

• Best for cyclists:

Cyclist’s Camping, Darble

• Best for publlic transport:

Darble, Woodsies, Bushy Ground

• Best for laid-back camping:

Wicket Ground, Hitchin Hill Ground, Dairy Ground, South Park 1, South Park 2, Rig’s Field, Back House

• Best for crew:

Rivermead, Pylon Ground

Pennards Hill Camping

Pennards Hill

If you love to party into the night, Pennard’s Hill is the best Glastonbury campsite for you. It’s known for offering the most authentic and immersive Glasto experience. Located next to the electronic music stages, you definitely won’t be calling it a night before midnight. Pennard’s Hill is popular and lively, close to the late night fun of Shangri La, the Stone Circle and Arcadia. You can hear the action from the Other Stage from here too. The only downside? It sucks if it’s rainy as Pennard’s Hill is at the bottom of a hill. But it’s the best spot for rolling home at 4am. Pennard’s Hill does fill up quickly, so it’s best to get there early on Wednesday.

  • Best for: Party goers
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Big Ground

Where you’ll hear this year’s main acts from your tent. Big Ground is the best Glastonbury campsite if you’re planning on catching the headliners. Right in front of the Pyramid Stage, you’re a stone’s throw from the action. You can practically roll into your sleeping bag after the closing act.

If you fancy an early night, Big Ground is relatively quiet after the headliners, so you can still get some good shut eye depending on where you pitch. It also has the only flushing toilets on site, so if you’d prefer to swap Portaloos for a little luxury, Big Ground is your best choice. You will need to get there early on Wednesday to secure your spot, though.

  • Best for: The Pyramid Stage
  • Nearest gate: B or C
  • Nearest car parks: Purple & Blue

Row Mead

Row Mead is a Glastonbury festival campsite located in the middle of the action. Situated at the top of a hill, your pitch is flood proof (What a relief!). This is the best campsite for party goers.

Offering spectacular views of the Pyramid Stage, if you position your tent correctly you can watch the headliners from your sleeping bag. Row Mead is the most desirable camping spot at Glastonbury. Pitches fill up quickly—if you snooze, you lose!

  • Best for: Views of the festival, the Pyramid Stage, party goers
  • Nearest gate: B or C
  • Nearest car parks: Purple & blue

Park Home Ground

A popular campsite for seasoned Glastonbury campers. Park Home Ground is the campsite to be if you want to make the most of your Glasto experience. It shares the area with Arcadia Stage, which pumps out tunes until 3am. It’s also located behind Other Stage, so you’re spoilt for choice when planning who you’re going to see each day!

If you’re a light sleeper, Park Home Ground is a no-no. Park Home Ground is where the party starts.

It also has Glastonbury’s onsite Co-op, ideal for grabbing snacks and topping up your drinks stash. You’re also in close proximity to toilets and water points.

  • Best for: Party goers
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Cockhill Meadow

Cockhill Meadow is a site for Glastonbury family camping. It’s located across from Big Ground, with toilets at the top and bottom of the field.

If you’re coming along with your family, Cockhill Meadow is perfect. It’s surrounded by fences, allowing you to relax while your little ones run wild (in a secure area). Parents will be pleased to know this family camping round has coffee and breakfast stalls onsite. And the medical centre is close by too.

Cockhill Meadow is helpfully placed next to Kidz Field, Glastonbury’s creche site. You’ll be surprised how many families attend, so if you want to pitch your tent here, you’ll need to get to the site early on Wednesday.

  • Best for: Families, accessibility
  • Nearest gate: B or C
  • Nearest car parks: Purple & blue

Wicket Ground

Wicket Ground is the Glastonbury campsite for families only. Cockhill Meadow isn’t tough on the adult to child ratio, but Wicket Ground is. This is the best camping spot for families wanting a quiet area to relax and sleep. Wicket Ground is fenced off from other campsites, so your kids are safe to run around as they please.

It’s towards the North end of the site, tucked away from the main hub of Glasto. That said, it’s still close to the Woodsies Stage (formally known as the John Peel Stage) and not too far from the Pyramid Stage; you and the kiddies won’t have to walk for miles to see any acts.

  • Best for: Families, laid-back camping, the Pyramid Stage
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Brown

East Campervan Fields

Travelling in your campervan to Glastonbury 2024? The East camping sites are for campervans only. Depending on where you park, these sites can be a 20-30-minute walk to the Pyramid Stage.

We like to think the benefits of staying in your campervan outweigh any potential negatives! To stay in one of these camping areas, you’ll need to book a campervan / caravan ticket. East fields are for campervans that are less than 8 metres in length only.

The quiet side of East is ideal for families, those with access requirements, and festival goers who’d like a bit of quiet every now and again.

  • Best for: Campervans, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: Pedestrian gate C
  • Nearest car park: You can park your campervan within the designated campervan areas

Bath & West Showgrounds

These areas are for those travelling in a larger campervan or caravan. You’ll need a pitch here if your vehicle exceeds 8 metres in length. These campsites are located offsite at Bath and West Showgrounds. There’s a free 24-hour shuttle bus service to the main site, as it’s a 20 minute or so drive to the festival.

You’ll be staying in your campervan outside of the Glastonbury festival campsites, which is something to consider when thinking about travelling in your campervan. The free shuttle bus will be a lifesaver, providing quick and easy travel to the festival.

Demand for the designated campervan areas is high, so make sure you save your spot early on to avoid disappointment.

  • Best for: Campervans
  • Nearest gate: Offsite
  • Nearest car park: Offsite

Lime Kiln Ground

Lime Kiln Ground is at the top of the festival site, offering fantastic views of all the Glasto action. It’s also at the furthest point from the South-East Corner, so if you’re keen to party away at Shangri La every night, Lime Kiln Ground is not the right camping area for you.

  • Best for: Views of the festival, peace and quiet, laid-back camping
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Brown

Hitchin Hill Ground

Another Glastonbury campsite favourite for those who appreciate a great view. Hitchin Hill sits at the top of the festival alongside Lime Kiln, offering grand views of the legendary Pyramid Stage. Hitchin Hill is also great if you fancy a bit of peace and solitude away from the bustling hub of Glasto.

The downsides? It’s on a slope and pitching a tent on a sloped surface can be frustrating. And it’s worth bearing in mind that the camping area is smaller than previous years, as Glastonbury organisers offer more accessible camping.

  • Best for: Views of the festival, peace and quiet, laid-back camping
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Yellow


Hawkwell is right at the top of the entire Glastonbury site, with Worthy Farm behind it. It can be quite steep in some places, so it doesn’t offer the best conditions for pitching your tent. Hawkwell is one of the best Glastonbury campsites to enjoy the scenic views of the festival and surrounding town of Glasto.

Hawkwell is one of the ‘big 4’ popular campsites, alongside Kidney Mead, Row Mead and Big Ground. Excited for one of this year’s big headliners? This is a great spot to ensure you get to the stage before the action begins. But it fills up quickly—get there early on Wednesday!

  • Best for: Views of the festival, the Pyramid Stage
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Brown

Spring Ground

The Spring Ground site is a dedicated camping field for campers with accessibility needs and their carers. It features a concrete ramp for wheelchair users, charging areas for mobility scooters, wheelchair accessible toilets and showers, and much more…

Spring Ground is located on the west side of the site, next to the Woodsies tent. It’s a calm and welcoming camp site for those with disabilities, which is stewarded 24/7. Spring Ground also features the Campsite Hub; an area for people to take some time out when needed.

  • Best for: Accessibility, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: Yellow
  • Nearest car park: Accessible car park located via Yellow gate

Kidney Mead

Another favourite for campers wanting a slice of the action. Kidney Mead is next to the Pyramid Stage, so camping spots are taken quickly. Although not as quickly as Big Ground does, Kidney Mead is the perfect alternative if Big Ground is full.

It’s also close to the cider bus, Acoustic Stage and a variety of yummy food stalls. You won’t go hungry camping in Kidney Mead! However, it’s the main walkway to the toilets on site, which can be mildly annoying. And the toilets get very busy.

  • Best for: The Pyramid Stage, party goers
  • Nearest gate: C or B
  • Nearest car park: Blue or purple

Michaels Mead

Michael's Mead

You won’t miss a single second of all the live music over the weekend if you set up camp in Michael’s Mead. It’s located perfectly in the middle of two major stages: Pyramid Stage and Woodsies.

Michael’s Mead also offers fantastic views of the festival. Watch the sunset, see stages from afar, and make some of the very best memories with your friends.

There’s always going to be a downside… Michael’s Mead is on a hill, so your late night walk back to your tent also doubles as a great workout.

  • Best for: The Pyramid Stage, views of the festival
  • Nearest car park: Brown
  • Nearest gates: A and B

Dairy Ground

Dairy Ground is Glastonbury’s biggest campsite. It’s normally home to the Worthy Farm’s population of cows, but for the festival, the cows are moved and it’s open to happy campers.

While some may scoff at the idea of peace and quiet at a festival as well known as Glastonbury, some campsites fit the bill if you’re after a laid back festival weekend. It’s not only a peaceful area to pitch your tent, it’s spacious and usually has capacity when the other popular Glastonbury festival campsites are full.

  • Best for: Laid-back camping, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

South Park 1

South Park 1 is a little further out from the main stages. Lace up your walking boots, as it’s a 20-30 minute trek to Pyramid Stage. This isn’t the end of the world if you prefer a remote, more secluded camping spot for the weekend. South Park 1 is surrounded by fences and hedgerows.

South Park 1 is small and cosy; a great little spot if other areas are full.

  • Best for: Laid-back camping, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

South Park 2

Off the beaten park, South Park 2 is also a decent walk from Pyramid Stage. You’ll definitely get your steps in over the weekend if you pitch here. It offers campers some breathtaking views of Glastonbury—views you won’t forget!

South Park 2 is close to The Park, and compared to South Park 1, this area is packed full of tents much sooner. Some of us enjoy the seclusion the campsite offers. And some of us enjoy a long walk.

  • Best for: Views of the festival, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange


Rivermead campsite boasts good compostable toilets. Conscious of your carbon footprint? This is one of the best Glastonbury campsites to accommodate eco-friendliness. Rivermead is split into two by a river running down the middle. If the typical British weather does its thing, you’ll find this camping area to get soggy and muddy quickly.

In 2023, Rivermead was split into two. One side for Glastonbury staff and the other for regular festival goers.

  • Best for: Peace and quiet, crew
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Brown


Bailey’s is the best Glastonbury campsite for those wanting a peaceful festival experience. It’s a small spot located in the Southwestern corner. Despite its size, it’s a spacious area that isn’t crowded by tents. You’ll be able to find the perfect pitch for your tent in Bailey’s.

The reason it’s ideal for peace and quiet is because the campsite is far from all the Glasto action. If you don’t mind walking, Bailey’s is the campsite for you.

  • Best for: Laid-back camping, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: B
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Rig's Field

Rig’s Field is a newbie campsite at Glastonbury. Situated next to Campervans West, it gets a lot of campers walking to and from their campervan every day. Rig’s Field is the best Glastonbury festival campsite for those seeking a weekend to chill out.

This camping area is the one for you if you don’t mind a long walk, know you’re going to arrive late, or a good night’s sleep is a must for your ultimate festival experience.

  • Best for: Laid-back camping, peace and quiet
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Cyclist's Camping

Glastonbury is encouraging more campers to travel to the event by bike. If you do decide to arrive by bike, you have your own designated camping area. Aptly named Cyclist’s Camping, it has secure bicycle lock ups, so you can go watch your favourite bands without worrying about someone stealing your bike.

You’re probably thinking “What about my luggage?”. Glasto has got that sorted too, through their Bike to Glasto initiative. For a small fee, your luggage can be collected from various drop-off points in between Somerset and Bristol. Your luggage can then be transported after the weekend fun concludes.

  • Best for: Cyclists
  • Nearest gates: A
  • Nearest car park: Yellow



Darble is the best Glastonbury festival campsite for those travelling to the weekend event via public transport. Located at the far west of the site, it’s right next to the bus and coach station. It’s also next to Cyclist’s Camping, so you’ll be among a fair few keen cyclists. You can pitch your tent here and lock up your bike securely in the reserved area north of Darble.

Darble is the campsite for low-key chilled out vibes. It’s easily accessible as it’s the first campsite you’ll come across when passing through Gate A. If you’re not too bothered about where you camp and just want to take your heavy backpack off, Darble is the lazy camper’s dream. And the Pyramid Stage is just a 15-minute walk!

It’s located on flat ground; the perfect conditions for pitching a tent. And it’s less likely to flood than other Glastonbury campsites.

  • Best for: Cyclists, public transport, laid-back camping
  • Nearest gate: A (it’s the first campsite through Gate A)
  • Nearest car park: Brown


The Woodsies campsite is located behind what used to be the John Peel Tent (it’s now the Woodsies Tent). It’s just north of the river and fairly close to the Pyramid Stage. This is the ideal Glastonbury campsite if you’re keen to enjoy the music from the Woodsies Tent and Silver Hayes. It’s all the Glasto party goers’ favourite campsite.

One thing to note, though, is this campsite is a very far walk from Shangri La. If late nights and long walks are your thing, Woodsies is perfect.

Woodsies is also the closest campsite to both the bus and coach station, which is a perk. However, this does mean your tent is near the main access road into the festival and the constant flow of traffic noise may be a disturbance.

  • Best for: Public transport, party goers
  • Nearest gate: Red
  • Nearest car park: Brown

Bushy Ground

Bushy Ground is the campsite that connects the festival between Silver Hayes in the North and Dairy Ground to the south. It’s a big site, originally established in 2010 for football fans to watch England play in a tournament. It features several large screens, so it’s the best Glastonbury festival campsite if you don’t want to miss any of this year’s Euros fixtures.

If you’re heading to Glastonbury via public transport, Bushy Ground is close to the Megabus drop off / pick up point. However, the area is behind Park Farm House, which isn’t part of the festival. You may have to walk around it to access the main site.

  • Best for: Public transport
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange


Oxylers campsite is located on the flattest area of Worthy Farm. Good for pitching a tent. Not so good if the sky opens up during the weekend. It has the potential to be the muddiest campsite, so get your wellies on.

Oxylers is close to Other Stage and Pyramid Stage. An ideal spot if your must-see bands of the festival are playing at these stages. You’re literally smack bang in the middle of Glasto. It goes without saying that this campsite gets loud and busy, and fills up fast.

  • Best for: The Pyramid Stage, party goers
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Lower Mead

Conveniently placed near some of the festival’s best late-night spots, Lower Mead is a party zone. Right next to Woodsies and on the edge of the Pyramid Stage on the North side of the festival, there’s a lively atmosphere to be enjoyed.

There’s also San Remo, a venue at the bottom of Lower Mead that stays open until 3am. You can party way into the night and make it back to your sleeping bag in no time.

  • Best for: Party goers, the Pyramid Stage
  • Nearest gate: A
  • Nearest car park: Brown

Paines Ground

At Paines Ground, you can expect to hear music until at least 3am. Great for those who love a party? Yes. Not so great for campers who enjoy their sleep. Paines Ground is a popular camping site due to its proximity to Arcadia Stage and Cineramagedon. It’s also the largest area for campers.

If you’re driving to the festival, Paines Ground is the ideal spot. It’s located next to the car parks on the west side of the site. But if you want to settle down here for the weekend, it’s best to arrive early on Wednesday to grab a spot.

  • Best for: Party goers, the Arcadia Stage
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Pylon Ground

What was once a campsite for campers, Pylon Ground is now the designated camping area for Glastonbury crew members. The campsite is located in the northwest of the festival on flat ground. It’s less likely to flood, but it can get muddy if it rains.

Pylon Ground is a 15-minute walk from Pyramid Stage and a far distance away from all the nightlife. But if you’re camping with your festival colleagues, it doesn’t matter where you stay as long as you have fun, right?

As its name suggests, there are many pylon towers around you and you may find the constant buzz of electricity irritating.

  • Best for: Crew
  • Nearest gates: A or D
  • Nearest car park: Yellow

Back House

Last but not least, Back House campsite is Glastonbury’s hidden gem. Located in the Southwest corner of the festival site, Back House is most commonly used as a backup plan for campers if capacity at other campsites is full.

It’s away from the main action of Glasto, making it a peaceful spot to pitch your tent. This also means you’re going to be walking a lot during the weekend.

  • Best for: Peace and quiet, laid-back camping
  • Nearest gate: D
  • Nearest car park: Orange

Sunset at Glastonbury Campsite

Glastonbury Camping: Our Top Tips

There’s a campsite for every type of camper at Glastonbury. It’s an inclusive festival, welcoming the classic party goer, as well as families and those with accessibility needs. You should now have a good understanding of which Glastonbury campsite is best for you and your friends.

Here are our 3 top tips for camping at Glastonbury 2024:

1: Know where to camp

Knowing where to camp can help you make the most of your Glastonbury festival experience. Choose a campsite that suits your needs best. Consider:

  • Which area is the easiest to travel to?
  • Are you camping with friends or nearby?
  • Do you hate Portaloos with a passion?
  • Are you a homebody who loves quiet time?
  • Which artists are on your ‘Must-See List’ and where are they performing?

2: Travel in comfy clothes

If you’ve been to Glastonbury before, you’ll know that there can be long queues on the opening days. And you might need to trek to your campsite with a big, heavy backpack. Getting into the festival site and pitching your tent takes time, so make sure you wear your comfies. You can dress up later!

3: Pack for sun, rain and cold nights

In typical British fashion, the weather is unpredictable and can change quickly. Make sure to pack for all types of weather. Sunglasses and sunscreen, rain ponchos and waterproof shoes, and thermals and jumpers. Being prepared for every eventuality will improve your festival experience.

Whether it’s your first time at Glasto or it’s a staple event in your diary, don’t forget to check out the Brothers Cider B-Bar. What’s a summer festival without cold cider? Our bar will be stocked with our brand new flavours, so make sure to view our flavour range before the big event to find your favourite Brothers Cider flavour.

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