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A Guide To Festival Food

Gone are the days where ‘festival food’ meant greasy deep-fried chips and burgers. Don’t get us wrong, that is still an option, but the landscape for food at festivals has drastically changed over the years with more and more health conscious, and alternative options on offer. Pizzas, dumplings, seafood, tofu, curries, pasta, sushi, street food. Nothing quite beats the experience of wandering around a festival being able to smell all the amazing food available from every cuisine imaginable. You name it, festivals will have it, and we have broken it down into manageable bites (get it?) below.

Street Vendors

Street vendors can be found at pretty much every festival and are a staple part of the festival diet. Street vendors are a great way to ‘branch out’ and try some great ethnic food from around the world. Street vendors will serve anything from noodles and Thai-style curries to Mexican burritos and Japanese dumplings and sushi!

Street Vendors Vietnamese banh-bao

Gourmet Food

Another classic festival food option - gourmet food trucks will cover you for that classic stacked burger with all the toppings that, lets be honest, we all crave once in a while. These are the places to go as well if you are after tacos, and some will also offer mouth-watering pizzas. And if you are one with a sweet tooth, these gourmet food trucks have you covered with crepes, donuts and churros to name a few!

Gourmet Burger festival food

Fried Food

Nothing quite says ‘festival’ like fried food, and there will be an abundance available at whichever festival you are headed to. Fish and Chips, or just chips, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, halloumi fries and so much more. Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself with some deep-fried food and somehow it always tastes better at a festival.

Halloumi sticks Festival Street food

Vegan & Vegetarian

Aside from the entire range of Brothers Fruit Ciders being Vegan Society Accredited, a liquid diet may not be the best course of action. So, for those who prefer a plant-based diet, there are plenty of delicious options at festivals. There are possibilities that vary from vegan bean burgers and vegetarian wraps to vegetarian hot dogs and pasta. With more and more people adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, festival food has changed and adapted to offer healthier and delicious options.

Vegetarian - Vegan Festival Street Food

The only sad thing is about festival food, is that you are never going to be able to get around every stall and try everything because believe us, you will want to. So, grab what you can and dig in, we promise it won’t disappoint.

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