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6 Of Our Most Unique Cider Flavours

We are trailblazers of fruit cider and lead the way moving beyond the traditional taste of dry and sweet apple or pear cider. We know what our customers want and our dedicated team have been busy experimenting with exciting new cider flavours that really hit the spot.

We first started selling our Pear cider at Glastonbury Festival in 1995 near what was then called the Jazz World stage. These days it is called West Holts but our bar can still be found in the same place as it has always been.

B-Bar West Holts Stage at Glastonbury Festival - Brothers Bar
Additionally, it is increasingly popular to drink cider at parties and barbeques. With so many new curious flavours on offer across the Brothers cider range, you and your guests have an array of options to choose from. Alternatively try our new alcohol-free Toffee Apple flavour cider, ideal for those choosing to be alcohol-free without missing out on the enjoyment of drinking a refreshing bottle of cider.

We enjoy testing out unique flavour combinations and coming up with new and interesting cider pairings that are both unusual and refreshing whilst suitable for all occasions. Our team have been hard at work creating our exciting cider range and have come up with some winning combinations.

Our fans have always said they prefer our curious fruit flavours so we were happy to oblige with these six unique cider flavours:

1: Pink Grapefruit Cider

A refreshing mix of citrus flavours and crisp zesty Somerset apples, our Pink Grapefruit Cider is best served over ice and delivers a refreshing mouth-watering zing on a hot summer day.

Shop Pink Grapefruit Cider

Brothers Pink Grapefruit cheers

2: Toffee Apple Flavour Cider

Our Toffee Apple Cider has a crisp apple flavour that cuts elegantly through the rich toffee notes delivering you sweet memories of bonfire nights and chilly cheeks. A blend of cream soda and smouldering toffee with a rich creamy finish. Bring out your curiosity. Serve chilled over ice.

Shop Toffee Apple Cider

Brothers Toffee Apple cider - Winter Wonderland

3: Honeycomb Cider

Our Honeycomb Cider will let you melt into its rich honey flavour that gives our cider a subtle sweet edge. You will love the mellow, laid-back summery feeling that our honeycomb cider brings. You can enjoy the warm sweet honey tones and the freshness of crisp apples.

Shop Honeycomb Cider

Brothers Honeycomb flavour cider picnic

4: Rhubarb and Custard Cider

What could get more delightfully British than rhubarb and custard? Our taste team have combined the unique flavours of tart rhubarb and creamy custard with our crisp and tangy cider apples. Best served over ice, this flavourful cider will bring back memories of delicious homemade puddings.

Shop Rhubarb & Custard Cider

Brothers Rhubarb & Custard cider

5: Marshmallow Cider

Our Marshmallow Cider is a sweet mix of marshmallow blended with smooth vanilla notes. Eating a marshmallow is more of an experience than an actual taste and we think our cider is very reminiscent of the feeling you get from biting into the sweet, squishy foamy treat!

Shop Marshmallow Cider

Brothers Marshmallow cider on a sunny day

6: Strawberries & Cream Cider

We have taken the dreamy flavour combination of ripe, juicy strawberries and cool, smooth fresh cream to give you a refreshingly gorgeous taste experience! Experience the sweet fruitiness of the strawberries, the fresh crispness of our Somerset apples, along with a creamy vanilla note to give you a taste that is pure pleasure!

Shop Strawberries & Cream Cider

Brothers Strawberries & Cream cider on a tennis court

A cider for everyone

With our unique range of fruity uber-lovely premium cider flavours that appeal to everyone's tastes, from sweet, creamy or zesty to dry, sharp or curious, you cannot go wrong with our crowd-pleasing range of uniquely tasting Brothers cider!

Did we mention that all of our ciders are Gluten Free and Vegan-Friendly!


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