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Toffee Apple Cider flapjacks


225g Dairy free spread
450g Gluten free oats
150g Brown sugar
150g Golden syrup
40g Dehydrated apples


10 Medjool dates
250ml Brothers Toffee Apple cider

In the recipe

Brothers Toffee Apple cider

Toffee Apple Cider


Beautifully moist flapjacks made with a scrummy toffee apple sauce. Using just 6 ingredients this recipe is Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans. 


• Preheat oven to 160 degrees (fan assisted).
 Grease and line baking tray.

Toffee Apple Sauce

 Pit Medjool dates and put in jug with 250ml Brothers Toffee Apple Cider.
 Leave to one side to infuse.

Brothers Toffee Apple Flapjacks


• Melt dairy free spread in a saucepan.
 Put oats, sugar, golden syrup & apples in a bowl and mix together.

Toffee Apple flapjacks
 Once dairy free spread melted, take off heat.
 Add to oat mix, mix and make sure incorporated well.
 Put the mix in a baking tray and spread out evenly.
• Bake for 30mins or until golden brown.
• Leave to cool.
• Once ready to serve, finish making the sauce.

Cider flapjacks

• Put the Brothers Toffee apple sauce mix into a food processor/blender and blitz until a smooth sauce and pour onto flapjack.


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