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Pork Buns & Toffee Apple Sauce


  • 2x330ml Brothers Toffee Apple
  • 800g - 1kg Pork loin joint
  • 2 apples
  • 4 brioche Burger Buns - sliced
  • 1 tsp garlic puree
  • Sea salt
  • 100ml double cream

Feast your eyes on these buns!!! Mouthwatering Pork buns with softened apple slices & Toffee Apple Cider Sauce.

Method to serve 4 people:

The Sauce:

• If you are cooking all of the elements of this meal on the barbecue it’s best to cook the apples and make our sauce first. Otherwise you could do this whilst your pork is cooking. Put a heavy pan over a high heat.
• Remove the core, peel and slice two apples into 1cm thing slices. Brown the apple slices on both sides, reduce the heat and pour in one 330ml can of Brothers Toffee Apple Cider. Simmer until the apples have softened. Remove the apples and put to one side.
• Add 1tsp of garlic paste. Season with sea salt and simmer the leftover cider for a few minutes until the liquid has reduced at least by half.
• Once the cider has reduced remove from the heat and pour in your double cream. Combine and put to one side ready for later. This will create a creamy sweet toffee sauce to top the pork and apple.

The Pork:

• Score the skin of your pork loin joint in a diamond pattern.
• Rub the entire joint with a very generous amount of sea salt. It might seem like too much but most of the salt will fall off during cooking.

Pork Buns with Softened Apple and Toffee Apple Sauce
• This pork is best cooked on the barbecue. That will only be possible if you own a barbecue with a lid. Set up your barbecue to have hot coals on one side and nothing on the other. This effectively creates an outdoor oven. Your barbecue is now capable of cooking large joints without burning the outside and leaving the centre raw. Place the pork skin side down directly over the coals. Allow the skin to brown and bubble forming nice crispy crackling.
• When you are satisfied brown the rest of the pork and move to the cold side of the barbecue. If you have a barbecue thermometer - aim to have the barbecue around 180c. Continue cooking until the the meat has reached the minimum safe internal temperature of 64c. Approximately 1 hour. Alternatively, preheat your oven to 220c and cook for 25 minutes. Reduce the heat to 180c and continue cooking until the meat has reached the minimum safe internal temperature of 64c. Approximately 1 hour.
Pork on a BBQ
• Once the meat is cooked, remove from the heat and allow to rest. Slice thinly ready for the next stage.
• Place a heavy pan/griddle over the heat (ideally cast iron). Once the pan is hot place your buns onto the pan to brown slightly. That should only take a minute. Remove the buns and set them aside.
Sliced pork with Pineapple
• Take your sliced pork and brown slightly in the pan. Stack the pork slices on top of each other. Enough for each portion. Top with 2 slices of your softened apple and then the top part of the brioche bun.
Pork Buns with Softened Apple and Toffee Apple Sauce
• Pour into the pan some of the Brothers Toffee Apple Cider and cover each bun with a cloche/bowl/plate. The buns, pork and apples will steam for a minute or two. This results in the most perfectly soft and warm bun that not only makes the whole meal more enjoyable but also adds a little theatre.
Pork Buns with Softened Apple and Brothers Toffee Apple Cider Sauce
• Assemble the bun, add a little of the sauce we prepared earlier and serve.


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Note: We use a Cloche in this recipe. A cloche is essentially an upturned stainless steel mixing bowl with a handle. Easy to make if you have the time but a plate or bowl would also work just fine.

We normally check that the meat has reached a safe internal temperature using an instant read thermometer. This is particularly important on the BBQ where food can char quickly on the outside. We would recommend buying one of these for your kitchen so that you can cook food safely without overcooking. We have provided estimates for cooking time if you don’t have one.


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