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Introducing the 'All New' Tutti Frutti!

We would like you to join us in welcoming the return of an old skool favourite and the latest member of the Brothers family, 'ALL NEW' Tutti Frutti.

Brothers Tutti Frutti cider is a delicious combination of cherry, pineapple, grape and strawberry - a curious mix and Fizzarrely Fruity. These familiar flavours - with a twist, will tantalise your taste buds and pique your curiosity. An English, premium cider, with an ABV of 4% and best served chilled over ice.

Brothers new Tutti Frutti ciderAvailable now!

Brothers Tutti Frutti Cider is available now in 330ml bottles at B&M Stores and will be also be available in Greene King outlets once reopened.

This curious, twist on a flavour of the past is of course gluten free, free from artificial sweeteners and vegan friendly.

You're welcome!

Brothers Tutti Frutti Cider


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