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How To Throw The Perfect Halloween Party

Who doesn't love Halloween, right? And if they don't, they are wrong! What's not to love about grinning pumpkins, wearing spooky witches hats and having fun dancing badly to The Time Warp.

Halloween is a really family-friendly event, and what could be a better way to celebrate than to throw an unforgettable Halloween Party. We never grow out of loving the chance of dressing up and having fun along with the kids.

Apart from being great fun, a Halloween party is one of the easiest party themes to throw ever! The high-street shops are full of spooky Halloween decorations, fun and friendly Halloween costumes and trick-or-treat goodies to share with the kids.

Making Halloween decorations at home with the kids

It is easy to scroll through social media if you want some inspiration for a party theme. Ghostbusters is a popular fun theme, you can dress up as the ghosts or the main characters and don’t forget to raid your local charity shops to see what you can find to make your own ghost-busting gadgets! If you want to keep it simple, why not transform into a mummy by wrapping yourself up in loo roll?

Halloween Decorations

Decorating your home for a Halloween party is so much fun! The first thing that springs to mind is pumpkins. You can't have a Halloween party without them. Luckily, the shops and supermarkets are chocked full of pumpkins at bargain prices, so you can buy plenty for a bit of creative carving.

You don't need to be good at carving to make a face for your pumpkin. It's as easy as slicing off the top, spooning out the insides, drawing on a simple face and then carve away. Once finished, you can put a tea light inside the pumpkin, ready to light when it gets dark.

Halloween pumpkin carving

Keep the kids entertained by downloading lots of free Halloween templates from the internet so they can make paper bats, spiders and ghosts that you can hang around the room. You don't even need to stick to traditional black, white and orange paper. If you want a purple spider – you can have it!

There are also plenty of Halloween decorations for sale, such as skulls, snakes and spiders, that can be placed around your home. A quick and easy trick is to cover your furniture with white sheets. This will give your home a feel of an old abandoned house full of ghosts.

Halloween Party Games & Music

Throwing a Halloween party wouldn't be complete without some fun party games. Playing spooky musical statues with your favourite Halloween party music is a simple, yet fun example. To save you time check out our ghoulish Halloween Party Playlist on Spotify:

Halloween also gives everyone a chance to play the very traditional game of apple bobbing. In the olden days, this was played using a huge barrel filled with water and a bushel of local apples. However, not everyone has a barrel to hand these days. A good way to play apple bobbing is to place a table outside and use a washing up bowl to substitute for the barrel. Fill 3/4 full with water and float a few small apples in the water to make it easier for the children to bite into.

How about a Halloween themed treasure hunt where you hide chocolate pumpkin coins around your home and garden for everyone to find. You could even set out some clues for a special prize for your guests to find.

Halloween Party Food And Drink

Rustle up some spooky fun food for the kids by cutting bananas in half across the middle and studding them with chocolate drops to make gasping ghost faces. Sandwiches are quick and easy to prepare before the party, but why not a pumpkin or ghost-shaped cutter to make them more fun!

Cupcakes are a great Halloween treat that you can decorate by adding food colouring drops to the icing to turn them red or black. You can use some chocolate sticks for legs and add chocolate drops to make eyes, turning cupcakes into creepy spiders.

Scary Halloween cupcakes

Nothing makes us think of the autumn and Halloween than sweet and tasty toffee apples! These are perfect treats to give to both adults and kids at your Halloween party.

For the kids, you can make a giant punch bowl full of mixed fruit juice or lemonade with a few drops of food colouring. If you have a couple of silicone gloves at home, fill them with water and green food colouring, tie off the cuff and freeze them. Once frozen, peel off the gloves, and you have some frozen zombie hands to add to the punch bowl – spooky!

Brothers Toffee Apple Cider in 330ml cans

We are sure the adults at your party will enjoy a refreshing drink or two, so why not keep with the seasonal theme and indulge in some spookiclicious Brothers Toffee Apple Cider. You and your guests can experience the rich taste of apples mixed with a nostalgic toffee sweetness right from the first sip.

For those who would prefer a non alcoholic version, give our Alcohol-Free Toffee Apple Cider a go! 

Happy Halloween!

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