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Brothers #FurryFam!

To celebrate International Love Your Pet Day we wanted to share our extended furry family with you. Full of mischievous dogs and extremely lazy cats we know that pets are the heart of many homes. So for now forget all about your #FestFam and focus your attention on the Brothers #FurryFam.

Name: Douglas (Dougie)

Age: 6 Breed: Jug 
Fun Fact: He's cheeky, stubborn and adorable with 850+ followers on Instagram - @jug_dog_doug.

Dougie - @jug_dog_dug

Name: Duggie

Age: 4 Breed: Sproodle
Fun Fact: Loves to visit Saunton Sands beach!

Sproodle - Furry Friends

Name: Sky & Honey

Age: 11 & 6 Breed: Whippets
Fun Fact: They have a wonderful loving nature, they love cuddling up to anyone!

Furry Friends - Whippets

Name: Missy

Age: 6 Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Fun Fact: She’s only started to enjoy water and will jump on in on her own.

Jack Russel Terrier - Furry Friends

Name: Lottie

Age: 1 Breed: Cockapoo
Fun Fact: She is always there wherever food is!

Lottie - Cockapoo

Name: Jess

Age: 6 Breed: Springer Spaniel 
Fun Fact: Obsessed with tennis balls

Jess - Springer Spaniel

Name: Riley

Age: 5 Breed: Springer Spaniel
Fun Fact: Still thinks he’s a puppy!

Riley - Springer Spaniel

Name: Lexi (Lexi Lou)

Age:9Breed:English Springer Spaniel
Fun Fact:Despite the fact that I am an English Cocker Spaniel I am actually Australian. My mum tells me though that I am about to embark on a huge international journey, as I will be flying from Melbourne to London in a few weeks time - what a jet setter I am.

English Cocker Spaniel

Name: River

Age: 2 Breed: German Shepard
Fun Fact: Has received a rosette after qualifying for Crufts this year!

German Shepard

Name: Ruby

Age: 1 Breed: Cockapoo
Fun Fact: Has the longest tongue in the world (TBC).


Name: Molly

Age: 1 Breed: Cavachon
Fun Fact: She stole a whole ham off the Christmas table and hid behind the curtains!


Name: Pippy

Age: Unknown Breed: Terrier
Fun Fact: Old street dog who now loves cuddles with her best friend Pickle the cat!


Name: Murphy

Age: 9 Breed: Bicion cross pug terrier
Fun Fact: His biggest passion is food….any food & has had a couple of vet stays as a result of his passion!

Bicion cross pug terrier

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