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A new way to drink cider!

Ever struggled with cider sloshing out of your pint whilst dancing at a gig or festival? Do you get frustrated when trying to carry multiple drinks back from a busy bar or are you tired of holding your drink with your knees when you need to get something out of your bag?

Well cider drinkers, fear not, Brothers Cider is here to help! We have created a new #deciderlydifferent way to enjoy cider. Our new 1L Cider Cartons are the perfect way to drink cider on the go.

Brothers New Festival Apple cider carton

Portable, resealable and recyclable

The Brothers have developed a refreshing, still Festival Apple Cider and packed it into handy 1L Cartons that are portable, resealable and recyclable. Each carton holds the equivalent of two of our standard glass bottles, perfect for packing in your bag and taking to festivals, gigs, parties, picnics, BBQ’s, or pretty much anywhere else!

Our Cider Cartons are available now in selected Tesco stores across the country. No need to thank us peeps… you’re very welcome ;-)

Brothers New Festival Apple cider carton

Where will you drink yours?

We’d love to see pictures of you enjoying our Cider Cartons in interesting places, so be creative and tag @brotherscider in your pictures online and we will send Brothers goodies to our favourites!

Brothers New Festival Apple cider cartonBrothers New Festival Apple cider carton

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